In 2021 we provided 143 days at sea and took 388 people sailing

The Gwennili Trust is pleased to advise that the 2022 programme is now in place.

Since 1995 the Gwennili Trust has provided for the relief of the physically and mentally disabled, in particular ex-Service people, offering respite and educational opportunities on board yachts. The primary beneficiaries for sail cruises are Wounded, Injured and Sick (WIS) personnel and military veterans.
Sailing on the South Coast we have developed an important relationship with the Personnel Recovery Centre at Tidworth in direct support of their WIS, similarly with the Personnel Recovery Unit in HMS Drake and WIS in HMS Raleigh.

The Trust acknowledges the support of Preston Turnbull LLP

Team Forces and The Veterans’ Foundation

Gwennili Sailing Trust is dedicated to making offshore sailing fun and accessible to all, no matter how disabled, physically, mentally or visually.

To find out more about sailing with us or volunteering please use the links above.