Cruises in UK and Mediterranean

Most people on our cruises have not met before, as a result the atmosphere is friendly and there is a spirit of adventure amongst all aboard.

Gwennili Trust offers a range of cruises that last between 5 and 7 days.

All trips are led by experienced RYA qualified sailors to ensure the safety of clients at all times. Skippers are qualified to RYA Yachtmaster Offshore with Commercial Endorsement. Voyages normally consist of three crew (skipper and two mates) and 4 or 5 clients.


  1. The beneficiaries sailing as crew are asked to pay £25 to operating costs.

  2. All crew members on the trip, this includes the volunteer sea staff, are asked to pay £15 per day to cover fuel and berthing costs.

  3. Evening meals are usually eaten ashore at individual expense.

The majority of voyages are based on the South Coast of England, but we also organise one trip to the Mediterranean each year. To give you an idea of what to expect the photographs on this page are from various sailing trips.

If you are interested in joining one of these cruises then please email and one of our volunteers will be in touch to discuss your sailing needs.

2021 Cruise Itinerary

No. Date Yacht Skipper/Mates Beneficiaries

C2 21-25 June Olga HMS Raleigh WIS

C3 28 Jun - 2 Jul Olga HMS Raleigh WIS

C5 30 Jun - 5 Jul Nota Bene John Thornton BattleBack WIS

C6 2-4 Jul SoSB John Douglas

C7 5-9 Jul Southpoint II Tim Sandford Blind Veterans UK

C8 10-16 Jul Island Charter John Thornton PRU Tedworth House/Tri-Service WIS

C9 13-19 Jul UKSA Ian Rowlands BattleBack WIS

C10 19-23 Jul Petruchio Linda Crocker Not Forgotten Association

C11 11-20 Aug Forrander John Thornton PRU Tedworth House/Tri-Service WIS
Chris O'Connell

C12 5-10 Sep TBC Linda Crocker PRU Tedworth House/Tri-Service WIS

C13 19-26 Sep TBC John Thornton Adriatic
Linda Crocker